Our History:

Linden Valley Farm was founded by a group of Pennsylvania Dutch Quakers, who travelled by covered wagon to Mariposa Township in 1849. The farm was named after the Linden Tree forest that blanketed the pristine piece of land. In 1849, the original settlers cleared a plot of land to build the first home on the farm, a landmark that still remains today. Linden Valley Farm was officially designated a Century Farm in 1967, having remained in the same family for over 100 years.


Our Beginning:

Krista, the founder, chef and visionary behind Linden Valley Dressings was inspired by her family’s rich heritage, and their love of healthy, fresh meals prepared straight from the garden.


At just 23, Krista opened her first restaurant in a quaint town in rural Ontario. Brimming with style, creativity and fresh local flavor, Krista’s ambition was to not only create healthy food for her customers, but to offer nutritious meals which taste incredible.


Determined to serve one-of-a-kind gourmet dressings, Krista soon began experimenting and creating her own. Krista’s high quality dressings became so popular, that customers routinely began requesting to take some home. In fact, the first dressing ever sold was in coffee cup! The persistent requests of her customers proved serendipitous and so birthed the beginning of Linden Valley Dressings.


We carefully craft each of our dressings with unique blends of fresh and healthy ingredients, super powers, and of course, love. Here at Linden Valley, we’re passionate about making healthy food taste amazing, and are confident that once you taste our dressings, you will be too!